Tap Mun Trip

The nature is... WOW!

The nature is… WOW!

It’s been a long time not spending a day in countryside. 👪 My family (w/o my brother) and another family went to Tap Mun to enjoy the stunning view and strong wind there!

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Con Te Partirò – cover

I’ve regulated the music into a lower voice so I could sing it much easier and hit all the notes accurately. I don’t have the courage to record the higher voice yet, though I’ve tried that before. It didn’t sound good as this one so I prefer not to share with you guys 😛 This time I only used the iPod to record and combine it with the music together through GarageBand. It’s better than what I’ve been thinking. However, there’s still some noise that I didn’t know how to deal with so it lowers the “quality of the recording”. Fine~ I accept that. Making records is just for fun!

I hope you like this recording. Maybe one day I’ll be able to record the one of higher voice! 🙂

Sarah Brightman Dreamchaser World Tour @ HK!!!

It was Thursday. I had to hand in a few homework on the next day. But I still felt excited and looked forward to seeing Sarah in live! I didn’t care about if I would owe homework on Friday~

This was my first time to listen to a fame people singing in concerts!! Phantom of the Opera and Time To Say Goodbye are some of my favorite. So I guessed she would sing these in the show.

We (Papa, Mama and me) arrived at there 45 minutes earlier and so. We then walked around the exhibition and went to toilet~ There were many people standing in front of the entrance and were waiting!

 Our seats were on the balcony.

Our seats were on the balcony.

We started to enter the venue shortly. In fact, the distance wasn’t too far away! It’s a little difference between the fact and my own imagination…



Actually, the hall wasn't too large.

Actually, the hall wasn’t too large.

While waiting for the show to begin, I was doing my homework as I tried not to sleep late at night!!! However, Sarah didn’t go on the stage on time. The show was delayed and it began at about…20.20?

Her voice was superb!! The scene behind her was great too! I loved all her songs and all the effects! I didn’t listen to some songs from the recent album Dreamchaser. But I still enjoyed them! Of course, she sang 3 of my favorites: Nessun Dorma, Phantom Of The Opera, and Time To Say Goodbye!!! I can’t believe she’s in front of me, we’re in the same place! I just hope the next one would be Jackie Evancho…

Papa tried to take some photos but failed... =_=

Papa tried to take some photos but failed… =_=

Leaving at 22.30, I really missed her. But I think there will be one day to see her to sing in live again!

Nella Fantasia – cover

Recently, I’ve recorded one of my favorite song, Nella Fantasia (In My Fantasia). I think out there, there is still hope and we have to overcome obstacles to FOLLOW OUR DREAM!

Hope you like my recording. (I did it by Earpod. For me, it’s quite hard to record some high notes songs…)

Thank you Jackie Evancho so much! She has taught me to be humble, to be emotional, to be determined to work, to be brave, and to dream!



自認自己自信心很不足,今年很希望可以緩減stage fright的問題,所以…我在今個月尾將會參加兩次比賽!emotion 既興奮又緊張!

本來只參加了一個,然後就猶豫要不要也參加另一個。得Y好友鼓勵:「有機會梗係要把握啦!」我才下定決心報了名,打算兩個比賽也用同一首曲目…是啊,我參加了歌唱比賽 emotion


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